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Industrial CPU Cards

2.5" PICO

The Pico-ITX SBC is an incredibly small 10 cm x 7.2 cm mainboard, the world's smallest x86 embedded board. The Pico-ITX SBC provides system developers and OEMs with an ultra compact yet highly integrated platform that delivers excellent computing performance at remarkably low power consumption. For car PCs and in-flight entertainment systems or industrial automation systems and even portable devices, the Pico-ITX SBC satisfies customer's demands in compact-size, fanless operation, low power consumption and versatile I/O.

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3,5" CAPA

3.5" Capa board (originally "Capability", named for small dimensions with full feature capability) is created for various applications in need of a compact size. Finecom offers a wide range of 3.5" embedded boards from low power consumption Atom architecture with ruggedized fanless reliability requirements to Dual-Core performance plus flexible onboard features; we are sure to have the right compact boards for your applications.

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5,25" Boards

The 5.25" Petit board family (203 x 146 mm), alongside EISA (PCI + ISA), PCI, PC/104, and PCI104 expansion interfaces, is a basic computing kernel and ideal platform solution with scalability, flexible I/O connectors, and low power consumption. The 5.25" embedded SBC is very popular and widely used in industrial applications.

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ATX \ microATX

ATX industrial motherboards (305 x 244 mm) support a wide range of computing capacities and up to 8 expansion slots. Industrial ATX motherboards are ideal platforms for applications in digital video recorder, POS system, intelligent transportation system, multi-media center and more.
Micro ATX industrial motherboards (244 x 188 mm) are designed with rich functionality in a small footprint, best for space-sensitive applications

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The ETX module (114 x 95 mm) is very compact and highly integrated SBC. It integrates core CPU and memory functionality, standard personal computer (PC) peripheral function such as graphics, USB, serial and parallel ports, keyboard/mouse, Ethernet, IDE, PCI, and ISA buses. All ETX modules have a standardized form factor and a standardized connector layout.

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mini ITX

MiniITX motherboards are designed with rich functionality and reliable performance in a small footprint that measures just 170 x 170 cm. Mini ITX Motherboards provide greater flexibility for applications in which compact size and power-efficiency are required, such as kiosks, POS, lottery machines, gaming systems, factory automation, DSA, and more.

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PC/104 product line includes PC/104 CPU modules from 486 to Pentium level or VIA ; DIO, AD/DA converter and relay output modules; Audio & Video Modules... etc.

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PICMG full-size (338 x 126 mm) and half-size (185 x 126 mm) single board computers

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